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  • I’ve quit for 2 months

    By CBC music lover
    This book has been instrumental in my smoke free journey. Gift this to any smoker you know who wants to stop.
  • Bar None

    By fitnessgirl77
    Used this guide in audio format over five years ago and have never look back. I smoked for 25 years, not only did I manage to quit but it was somehow effortless. Still blows my mind to this day how easy it was. Not one day, hour, or minute did I suffer...so messed up but true.
  • Not impressed

    By Dcgerr1616
    The entire book he talks about the end of the book as if there is some big climax that will create a revelation. I was sorely disappointed. Although it did teach me a way to think about smoking differently, I'm not so sure that I feel like this was a revelation. I was very unimpressed by the fact that half this book was him bragging about his success when this whole book turned out to be a let down.
  • Amazing

    By Expo26
    Smokers, all I can say "Just read it, you've got nothing to lose"
  • Once a smoker, always a smoker. What a lie!!!

    By phatterchub
    Gold for the mind seeps from these very pages. Be afraid, very afraid!!! That nicotine monster will die and you will learn to enjoy watching it die!!! You will learn to enjoy the feeling inside of you!!! The more it grows, the more that little monster dies and soon it will be extinguished! Pun intended😝. But really, there is no fear. Only joy, peace and triumph! A must read if your ready to see the light on what smoking really is. This book will help you see yourself and where you fit into the smoking trap and how to easily and enjoyably free yourself from this sinister psychological trap. Thank You Allen Carr!!! All previous attempts before reading this book were failed attempts. Now I Have The Knowledge!
  • Best $10 I have ever spent

    By Ryan Pero
    I know a lot of you will look at this book and say "it's just another self-help book", and it is, but there's more to it than that. I'm currently 3/4's through reading it and I haven't had nor wanted a cigarette in 6 days. I'm telling you, you will read this book, you will quit, you will have some withdrawal, but you won't care. The magic of this book is that it changes the way you think about smoking. Brainwashing for the better, rather than the worst. Read and enjoy.
  • It really works. Try it!

    By Ashley_Shaw
    No pain, no misery! Just straight talk. It's like having a personal consultant on your iPhone. I smoked 1/2-1 pack per day for 14 years. The day I finished the book, I knew I'd never smoke again... that was 2.5 months ago!
  • Non-Smoker, happy and proud.

    By missuslinnea
    Feels GOOD to be a non-smoker for over 1.5 years. It's great to have control over cigarettes. An open-mind makes all the difference!
  • Jack

    By Kiterdude
    Is this an audio book. One review states it is but I see no mention elsewhere?
  • Now a non smoker!

    By James Williston
    I smoked a pack to two packs a day for 21 years. I thought I loved smoking and would forever....I hesitantly read this book, putting it down for nearly half a year half way through. Two weeks ago I finally finished the book and smoked what I know was my last cigarette! It's been 12 days now. Smoke free and I don't ever want one of the filthy things ever again! It's unbelievable how easy it's been "What have you got to lose?" NOTHING and you have everything to gain. Read this book! Now I have my sister reading it. And next we hope my mother. Mr Carr. Thank you so much. I can't begin to express my gratitude. I'm finally free and I can't believe how much better life already is. Thank you thank you thank you.